Marketing With Feeling and The Importance of Stories

It’s Time To Get Emotional with Your Marketing

In this blog, I talk a lot about things – how to get them and provide them faster, more reliably, or with better quality. That’s a worthy goal, because you, your business and your customers benefit when that happens.

But today, I’d like to talk more about people – more specifically, your customers and marketing to them. I’ve been reading more and more lately about a recent trend that makes plenty of sense. It seems that as marketers, our natural tendency is to load people up with facts – but what they really want to hear are stories.  Of course it’s important to talk to your customers about why your product is better than the next guy or gal,  but what people really remember and prefer, are the brands that make themselves important through stories and personal connections.

What’s Your Story?

Whatever your “product” is, you have to understand how it affects people in order to figure out what its true benefit really is. The first toaster manufactured with sensors built in, wasn’t about the marvelous new built-in XZ-7 temperature monitoring device, it was about not wasting bread and precious breakfast time with toast too burned to eat.

And let’s face it – chances are your favorite beer didn’t earn your loyalty with its performance in a blind taste test. Although some of you beer connoisseurs might have been swayed by a blind taste test, for the rest of us it was probably just the can we remember sitting on the bar during a great time with our friends, or maybe even because we liked the story line of a recent commercial.

Marketing with stories isn’t easy. People understand that you are trying to sell them something and they will accept that if you deal with them on their terms, and engage them in a way that matters to them. On the other hand, they will resist the effort if it’s too heavy-handed. You have to do it right.

Three Tips On Connecting With Your Customers Through Marketing  with Story Telling

“Doing it right” when it comes to marketing through story telling has implications for every aspect of your business. From the interactions your sales reps have with your customers, to the kinds of printed marketing materials you place in their hands, your story should be genuine, understood by employees and weaved into all aspects of your marketing.

So how do you get there from here? How, exactly, do you weave those emotional “triggers’ into your marketing efforts? Well, it’s more art than science, but once you are thinking in the right direction it becomes almost common sense.

  1. Rethink what you offer  Remember that your product is what your product does for people. If it saves time, then what you offer is what people can do with that time. If it provides a sense of history, or long-established trust, then what you offer might be a pleasant memory, or a worry-free decision.
  2. Tell your story visually – Research shows that a well-chosen visual connects on a more emotional level than words alone. A sell-sheet with a product picture is functional. A case history with an interesting video of a real customer along with his unique story will also leave  an impression. Digital is trendy and here to stay as an integral part of your marketing, but keep in mind that studies show that people prefer information delivered on paper rather than screens, so using printed materials to tell your story is also an effective strategy.
  3. Make your promotional items part of the story  Choose promotional items that resonate with your target audience and add to your “story.” For example, how about a USB drive that reflects your industry? Thousands of creative styles are available, and they can be completely customized, too. Prospects will appreciate the extra connection, and feel better about your company.

What’s Behind Your Logo?

It may sound like a challenge, but figuring out your “story” isn’t as difficult as it sounds and it’s certainly worth it in order to mean more and market more effectively to your existing and potential customers. If you’d like help crafting your story and adding a little emotion to your printed materials and promotional products, give me a call.

After a lifetime in business helping other business owners and marketing professionals with their print supply chain and promotional product management, I have learned that every business has a unique and interesting story behind their logo. Our job here at Superior, is to help your business share your logo…and the story that’s behind it as well.

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