Screen shot 2014-04-24 at 9.29.13 AMIs Paper Really a Sustainable Option?

Earth Day has come and gone. A few people noticed. A few wore green. Some may even have tried to recycle more than usual, but to be honest Earth Day is one of those ‘holidays’ that’s hardly worth marking your calendar for—like summer solstice. We live on the Earth, after all, and somehow giving it one day out of its own 365 each year seems trite. So why bother thinking about it?

Ideally, Earth should get our thoughts each day of the year. Sustainability and environmental concerns are an everyday affair. And by that, I don’t mean commonplace; I mean that these concerns are important enough to ask ourselves tough questions everyday. Is paper really bad for the environment, for instance?

This is a question that the Twosides Campaign has been thinking about for a long time because they see that paper and print has a great story to tell. And by following that story, they’ve discovered that many of us have been misled into believing that paper is bad for the environment. Check out this video and see what they have to say.

Ready To Bust Some Myths?

Maybe next Earth Day (which could be tomorrow as much as next year) we’ll think about the environmental impact of electronic products and services versus that of paper and print, and we’ll be one step closer to finding an environmentally healthy balance between the two. Businesses that want to make responsible environmental developments should base their choices on factual and well-researched information. So don’t believe everything you hear. The print industry is good for marketing, and it’s not bad for the environment as long as we are conscious of ways to continue that sustainability.

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