IRC Labels Mean On-the-spot Savings and a Win for New Customers and Your Business!

We’re not just business people; we’re consumers, too just like you. I would imagine that most of us can appreciate the impact an Instant Redeemable Coupon or IRC labels can have on us as we wander through a big box or local retail store.

Maybe you need apples and a bouquet of fresh flowers. You’d be “fine” with one of several brands of yummy looking apples or any of the many pretty flowers. Then suddenly, BOOM—one brand or bouquet stands out and catches your attention because it has an IRC label on it. You are interested in what that label has to offer.

You didn’t have to cut a coupon out of a magazine or newspaper, or click around to find one online and remember to bring it to the store. You didn’t have to call an 800 number or register with a coupon-cutter website.

Thanks to an IRC label, that “sudden savings” just appeared in front of you exactly when you needed it to. As a consumer, you just chalk it up to good fortune and smile all the way to the register. But that consumer isn’t the only one smiling. As a brand, you begin a new, potentially lifelong and rewarding relationship with a new customer.

IRC Labels Are a Boost for Your Bottom Line

You place IRC labels on your in-store packages because ultimately you want to move product. Maybe you need to counter a competitor’s promotional effort. Perhaps you need to maximize return on a perishable product by selling it before its expiration date. Or it could be that you still make a good margin even when the coupon is used, so everything generated is “plus sales.”

No coupons “move product” like IRC labels. Instant Redeemable Coupon labels have the highest redemption rate of all types of coupons. After all, who wouldn’t take advantage of one? Can you really use them to take sales away from the competition? Look at the numbers.

Data Tells the Story

Studies have shown that 70% of purchase decisions are made in the store. If it’s an impulse buy, an IRC label can certainly help trigger that impulse. The arresting visual of an add-on coupon or mini-booklet affixed to the product captures attention, and the offer captures the sale.

And if it’s a matter of which brand the consumer will choose, does an IRC make a difference? You bet it does. More than a quarter of shoppers who come into the store planning to buy a particular brand will switch if they encounter a bargain. If those shoppers don’t have a specific brand in mind, a deal will decide their purchase two-thirds of the time. And a deal offered via an IRC label is hard to miss—it’s right on the package!

Let’s Talk IRC Labels for Your Business

If your business manufactures a consumer product, the ways to use IRC labels are easy to see. But maybe you’re not so sure how it would work for you. Or maybe instead of a price reduction, you want to give your customers information like recipes or product news, or want to let them enter a contest or do some co-marketing? IRC labels are terrific for those uses as well. Contact me and we can set up a time to take 15 minutes to discuss your business and some unique ways you can get in on the business-boosting action.

If you prefer, talk to one of our sales reps. They are very good at understanding your business and can identify opportunities to use IRC labels for the best results. The bottom line is that if you want to put your brand in the right place at the right time, we’re the right people to talk to about making the most out of IRC labels.

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