How to Drive Down Operating Costs with Supply Chain ManagementYou’ll Find Savings if You Know Where to Look

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘death by a thousand cuts.” Well, I think that’s a pretty good description for the way many – even most – businesses fall short of maximum productivity. It’s no one big mistake that they’re making, or one big opportunity that they’re missing. It is, instead, a long list of places where they are wasting a little too much time, spending a little too much money, and getting a little bit less than they could be from what they’re spending.

There is one simple step companies can take to start getting control of many of those little trouble spots. And you’ve heard me talk about it before. It’s your supply chain management process. In my view, enhancing your supply chain management practices in the area of printing and promotional products can really be seen as “success by a thousand savings”.

Making Up For Lost Time

That old “time is money” expression has certainly rung true for as long as any of us can remember. And supply chain management can help your people in many different divisions spend their time more productively.

How many different people in your organization spend at least some of their time researching, contracting, and overseeing delivery of printed pieces and promotional items – often for items that are similar to what others in your organization are using, and often for items that have been purchased in the past. And I’ll bet they spend even more time getting their decisions approved (or not) along the way.

Sorry to drop one more cliché’ on you, but to me, this is “reinventing the wheel.” Supply chain management allows you to standardize all those decisions. No one has to start from scratch because the work is done for them, and they just select from options approved in advance. They don’t have to do research or get creative – they can get back to doing more of what you are paying them to do. Saves costly man-hours and avoids frustrations.

Take Advantage of Economies of Scale

By housing all your printing and promotional item options in one source, you are also making it possible to realize the best pricing and take advantage of economies of scale. Superior Business Solutions has relationships with quality printers and promotional product suppliers that are ideal for whatever needs you come up with. Our experience allows us to choose the vendor that offers the best performance and price to match your requirements.

By standardizing print acquisition, you can achieve consistent, affordable pricing from a trusted source that will deliver the quality you need. Your budgets don’t have to look like a roller coaster sketch, because prices won’t depend on WHO orders WHAT from WHOM. That’s all locked in from the beginning. Isn’t that all you want – getting the dependable quality you need at the lowest reasonable price? Done.

And with our promotional product contacts, we can offer you incredible diversity and creativity, along with the assurance of quality and timely delivery – something that can be a worry when using those “one off” vendors. Low price is no bargain then. We track and compare to offer you the best price and performance.

Savings Accounted For

Come to think of it, you’ll even lower your costs in accounting. With one primary supplier, your accounting staff won’t have to deal with receiving and verifying multiple invoices from an ever-changing cast of unfamiliar vendors.

I’ve only scratched the surface here. I’m sure I can find a number of other places in your organization where our supply chain management will save you real dollars. Give me a call and I can explore them with you. It’s worth a few minutes to see if you can make your company and its bottom line (not to mention you) look even better!

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