Better Call Bill (English, That Is)

The answer? You need to attract young talent, keep clients happy and be creative in every endeavor. That’s the sage advice you’ll find highlighted in the Feb. 19 Executive Perspective in Print & Promo magazine. The article is an interview with one of the most respected names in print management, Bill English, president of SBS Brands and Superior Business Solutions. (Oh, he’s also my brother.)

The article starts out by discussing how Bill got his start at Superior.

After that, he shares his thoughts on topics critical to not only the print industry today and in the future, but also critical to any business looking for a sustainable future.

Acording to the Investopideia, the Small Business Administration (SBA) states that 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first ten.

After almost 100 years in business, like me, Bill knows a few things about creating longevity in business.

A Creative Salary Approach

In the article, Bill shares thoughts on bringing young sales talent aboard at our company and others in the industry. He suggests that new pay plans are an excellent starting point for appealing to younger people.

The combination of a predictable base salary along with the unlimited earning potential of a commission-based process is the key. It offers a level of security and a tremendous “upside.” I can attest that this flexible approach to salary and other benefits is already making a difference in attracting younger workers to Superior.

For Clients, Success Breeds Happiness

That willingness to embrace new ideas is also quite helpful in pleasing clients, according to Bill English. As our ISO 9001:2015 certification suggests, Superior follows a tested and methodical process for delivering results.

But Bill feels you need to be flexible and willing to add or refine tactics and technologies when appropriate. In the article he says. “…we are always evaluating what will work best for our clients. Basically, if it will drive profit for our customers through top-line growth or savings, we want to be all about it.”

Please and Thank You

Please remember to check out the full article for more of Bill’s perspective on business and the print industry. And a big thank you to both Print & Promo magazine and the talented Elise Hacking Carr for allowing their readers (and ours) to “meet” Bill and hear his opinions.

The interview displays the obvious commitment Bill feels to lead our customers to greater levels of success. Those three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards mentioned in the article show that our customers greatly appreciate our efforts.

Feel free to connect with Bill or me on LinkedIn. Either of us would be happy to talk more with you about print management and building a business that lasts.

Or contact Superior to get a quick start on developing a print management program designed especially for you.

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