How can your credit union benefit from print?

How Credit Unions Can Benefit from Print We specialize in the print and electronic processing of statements and notifications, and electronic archive for credit unions. We partner with Digital Data Centers to work with the finance departments within credit unions to utilize technology to maximize accuracy, reduce paper, and save money to your bottom line.

From This…To This!

Take a look at some of the specific advantages you’ll gain with our printed statements and notification processing:

  • Immediate Savings — reduced operational costs
  • Lowest possible postage and labor for printed 
  • No Capital Expenditures
  • Most documents mailed within 24 hours or better
  • Mailing addresses processed for address 
correction and verification
  • Mail conforms to postal automation specifications 
for reduced postage
  • Mail delivered directly to the Postal Distribution 
  • Documents delivered 1-2 days sooner
  • 100% accuracy and fast turnaround.

That’s a lot of benefits!

As you can see, there are many ways credit unions can benefit from print, but perhaps it’s best if you see the difference for yourself. The image above shows the dynamic changes and improvements we offer to your statements and messaging. It is certainly faster to process and easier to read.

And Security Is Still One Of Our Number 1 Concerns…

We partner with Digital Data Centers, a national processing company with data centers in Chicago, IL; Portland, ME; Tempe, AZ; and Miramar, FL to utilize as our financial gateway.

The national landscape provides the high level of security a credit union needs. We specialize in disaster recovery and data backup so that you never have to worry about the security of your files, and we employ a policy of redundancy to help make this security a reality.

So instead of looking at the new year as daunting, know you have a partner here with your Superior Family to help keep you focused, productive, and living a successful and satisfying life both at the office and at home.

Stay tuned to hear our thoughts, hints, and reminders on how you can thrive in your personal and professional life, and get ready to THRIVE IN 2015! Contact us or call us at 800.968.1416 to get more information.

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