Committing to the process of content marketing is often a big hurdle for many B2B companies. While beginning a new content marketing campaign may be a big step for B2B companies and may pose a challenge in getting firm wide buy-in, it is certainly worthwhile and exciting to move in a new direction. We know that it can get difficult to find ideas for your content, so we have listed some ideas that you can pull from to generate your content. The ideas are broad enough where you can create many pieces from one idea.

  • Reviews – Write reviews on books, software  programs or  new technology. It’s a great way to set the tone for being a leader and resource for information on new things. I have found that reviews of books and new technology make for great blog posts. Be sure that your review of the book, product, or service will provide value and insight to your clients and prospects.
  • B2B contentInterviews –  Interview the top executives in your company and other industry experts to learn about new topics and trends. Make sure the interview is something that is helpful to your target audience. You can capture the interview on video or share a transcript on your blog. Most interviewees are happy to help and grateful for the publicity that your content will bring them.
  • Documenting events – Be sure to document your experience at  trade shows, conferences, or other industry events  by taking pictures, short video clips, and lots of notes. Use your documentation to provide insight to your target audience. Whether you are capturing video of an interesting speaker at an event, or blogging about your experience at a trade show, you can leverage the activities that you are already participating in to create content. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of providing a play-by-play. Share things such as what you learned, the biggest takeaways, and important things to lookout for in your industry that were discussed.

What other tips would you add to help generate content that creates a buzz?

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