Digital Statement Processing: The Key To Cash Flow

Electronic Invoicing Is More Secure, More Accurate, and More Profitable

Sometimes big ideas are hiding in less-than-obvious places. Many companies consider billing, invoicing and collecting activities as something of a necessary evil. This is pretty natural. While they know that the tracking and follow-through on transactions is critical to their business, they’d prefer spend their time actually doing that business, making their products or delivering their services better than their competitors.

In reality, you could be leaving money on the table in more ways than one if you don’t investigate better ways to handle your statement processing. Superior Business Solutions, working with our partners Digital Data Centers, can offer you technologies and online processing options that offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency and financial returns, all while ensuring absolute security for your data and documents.

Better Control Over Invoicing Means Better Results

When you work enhance your invoicing practices, your billing data is collected on a secures SSAE 16 certified network, and then used to generate custom invoices and statements, personalized for each of your customers. They are then delivered to each customer via mail or email based upon customer preference. By eliminating manual handling and streamlining the process, invoices are in customers’ hands sooner, and ready for payment sooner.

The process not only saves time, but allows packaging and mailing units to be standardized in order to take advantage of pre-sort and automation postage discounts. Variable printing capabilities also allow for invoices to reflect appropriate corporate identity, and even carry custom marketing content to cross-promote other products or services.

Other benefits of electronic statement processing include “green” document generation and delivery, reducing waste. Another big one is the reporting and tracking capability made possible by the comprehensive recording and storage of all relevant data in one place from an accurate, automated input mechanism.

Security Is The First Priority

Everyone’s first concern today, of course, is security.  You can trust that the systems utilized by Superior Business Solutions and Digital Data Centers are second to none in ensuring that security. In fact, data security is a major reason companies are moving to electronic invoicing in the first place. All data is 100% encrypted before transit and storage.  Stored data belongs totally to you, and you control access to it and how long each file remains in use. You also receive complete logs of who accessed what data when.

eBill and ePay Are State of the eArt!

The most advanced example of what we’ve been discussing is eBill 3.4 from Superior Business Solutions and Digital Data Centers. It features all the general benefits above, but takes things further, with:

  • A SQL-based data management system that provides more levels of security and more document-display options for you and your customers on devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • An administrator’s dashboard that allows for a drill-down as deeply as desired into each level of document production, and benchmarks each project through completion.
  • A marketing campaign interface that permits the display of messages, full-color images, videos and links to your or other web sites in order to cross-merchandise or promote – even incorporating other partners or companies in the process.
  • The included ePay technology that allows you to manage statements and payments in a safe and paper-free environment. This makes the process as simple as “point, click and pay” for your customers, making it easier for them, and getting the money into your account sooner.

Waiting is Costing You Money

Once you see the “best practice” technology available from Superior Business Solutions to improve your statement processing systems, you won’t regard billing and invoicing as a “necessary evil” any longer. You’ll see it as a valuable tool you can use to improve efficiency and actually generate better cash flow for your operation.

If it’s still a bit fuzzy, I hope you’ll contact me – I can talk you through some of the most important aspects, and help you determine what a difference it could make in your unique situation. Hey, these days, we all hear about athletes “getting paid” – isn’t it your turn to streamline your billing and payment processing so you get paid a little sooner, and get a more accurate and comprehensive view of your business’s financial status in the process. Let’s talk.


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