You’re Either Learning…or Losing Ground

In last Thursday’s post, I shared my picks for the first six of 12 top blogs for sales reps. Today, I want to complete the list. In all, they are a very eclectic group; some are based heavily on stats, others tell stories, and still, others display entertaining attitudes. But all, in my opinion, have something to offer salespeople.

You might not like (or choose to follow) all of them but at least check them out. If you find one that resonates with you, you’ve added an ongoing resource that can add energy, ideas and fresh perspectives to the sales process. So … let’s continue with the list.

7. Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling

Art shares thoughts on sales tactics and processes, especially on how to turn “cold calls” into warm, long-term relationships. No quick fixes here, because Art doesn’t believe in them. He advocates consistent, planned efforts to build and maintain those relationships from the start.

8. Deb Calvert’s Connect2Sell Blog

This blog, from People First Productivity Solutions, will become a favorite. Great content, and a predictable once-a-week rhythm that is easy to make a regular habit. It covers all aspects of selling but offers up plenty of common-sense suggestions you’ll be annoyed you didn’t think of yourself.

9. Gerhard Gschwandtner’s  Selling Power

This blog features posts by qualified experts in a variety of sales-related disciplines. Posts are low on jargon, but full of useful tips for any salesperson. Look for down-to-earth topics discussing things like “thinking on your feet” or “being more likable”

10. Lori Richardson’s   Score More Sales

Lori has won awards for this weekly blog, and I’m not surprised. It is informative and uplifting. It features an interesting “Friday Five” structure in which she presents an eclectic but always-relevant list of five items, people, or things that illustrate her point and motivate the reader.

11. LinkedIn Sales Blog

Here’s a good one that might be “hiding in plain sight.” Most all of you are probably on LinkedIn already. (If you’re not, you should be.) But don’t forget to check out this source of sales and marketing tips from LinkedIn staff experts. Good place to network, as well.

12. Anthony Iannarino’s The Sales Blog

I’d like to end with this one for two reasons. First, it’s too good to leave out. But secondly, I’d encourage you to check out Anthony’s most recent post. It might help you get the most out of following all the blogs on this two-part list. If you are like me, you often come across ideas you think sound interesting, but they quickly get lost in day-to-day stresses. This post will help.

One More Thing You Should Do

Okay, two more, actually. The first goes without saying—continue to follow this blog. I sometimes talk about getting printed materials efficiently; that’s what we do. But I cover a lot of other things. And we do a lot more as a company, too.

We’ve been helping businesses operate more efficiently for almost 100 years now. (Our founders saved salespeople from having to copy orders two or three times, by putting carbon paper in invoice pads!) Since then, we’ve helped thousands of businesses with innovative products, advanced technologies and unmatched experience in supply chain print management, promotional products and far more.

We are ISO-certified, which means we serve every client with practices and processes that have been tested and proven. And our clients have clearly benefited as a result; their reviews have earned us three consecutive Best of Print and Digital awards. That’s worth more than a “follow.” It’s worth a call.

Don’t settle for reading about success. Contact Superior today to experience it.


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