Web to print is growing! There are so many benefits such as maintaining brand consistency, customized content, and controlled timing and delivery amounts. We know that our customers find using web to print a lot more convenient and appreciate that we have taken on this service. If you have been debating on offering web to print services to your clients below are 5 pitfalls you definitely want to avoid.

  1. Not creating a strategy. You must know why you want to venture into this new area before jumping in. What customers do you want to service? Is there a current demand for this service that is not being met? What level of customization will you offer? A clear strategy will help you maintain focus on your business objectives.
  2. SBS Web to PrintTrying to build the software in house. This option may look cheaper at first, but with the way technology is constantly changing and web browsers are constantly being updated it will cost more to keep up with it all. Find a partner that you can purchase the software from and that will ensure that they will keep everything up to date.
  3. Not having enough resources. It’s important that you have the staff to back this service up. You need someone who has the time to study the software and devote time to this service. It’s not a good idea to put a person who is already in charge of several other things in charge of this project due to its size.
  4. Not doing research. Make sure that you do research to figure out whom your target audience will be and that your service is needed. Figure out what products you will be able to offer and make sure that your vendors can support the products that you are going to be offering.
  5. Getting too caught up in the production. Remember that web to print is about providing the easiest, most convenient, and most competitive order entry for your customers. Most customers only want to hear how this new service is going to make things easier for them, not you.

We hope that this helps get started in the right direction! What other pitfalls do you have to add to the list above?

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