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Texas is only beginning its recovery from Hurricane Harvey. Now, Hurricane Irma has done its worst to the state of Florida. We’d like to do our best to help in any way we can. So today I’d like to point to some possible sources of help for businesses affected by Hurricane Irma.

I recently wrote a post that provided help for businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey. Now, as Florida businesses deal with losses from Hurricane Irma, I want to provide resources for them as well. As it may be for you, Irma is a little personal for Superior Business Solutions. Our sister brand, Factory direct Promos who provides custom reusable bags, is a Florida business. We care a great deal about them, and about the people and businesses in their communities.

Here Are 4 Ways Florida Businesses Affected by Hurricane Irma Can Get Help

Superior Business Solutions works with companies to help them protect valuable data and accounts receivable in a disaster. Like you, we can empathize with those that are now facing uncertainty and daunting challenges brought on by Irma’s onslaught.

  1. The SBA (Small Business Administration) offers a disaster loan program, which lends money to those affected by natural disasters. It enables businesses and nonprofits to get up to $2 million in assistance for economic injury and physical property damage. The first step for this and other forms of disaster assistance is to call the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at (800) 621-3362.
  2. Remember to contact any trade associations of which you are a member. Also contact business services networks devoted to your industry or community. The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), for example, has offered support  in times of trial, such as when Sandy hit the east coast. Another example is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The group has made funds available to  member retailers in the Houston area. It may well do the same for Florida gun retailers impacted by Hurricane Irma.
  3. Ask! As you rebuild, share your story and ask for any assistance that creditors, vendors, and other businesses and those in communities outside of Florida can offer.
  4. One more note: try to keep in touch with existing customers and those in and outside of your area. You can use your statement processing or other direct mail initiatives to keep customers informed on your status as your business begins to regain capabilities. You may even be able to help Florida businesses in affected areas who may be looking for providers like you, whose products or services can help in their recovery. In turn, the resulting cash flow in this disaster may well help yours.

Help for Florida Businesses Affected by Hurricane Irma Is Critical

We appreciate all the incredible first responders and volunteers that are working heroically on site to help deal with the situation. Further, we applaud the urgency with which governmental and other agencies are rushing in with their support.

It is only human to care about people, and to do all we can to help them recover. But it is also critical for businesses to rebound. Businesses, are in many ways, the heart and gathering centers for most of the residents in those hard-hit Florida communities.  Businesses  are also part of the solution to the misery Hurricane Irma left behind. Local businesses will be the key source of materials, services and guidance to help local residents rebuild their lives. The sooner businesses come back, the sooner people will.

Reasons for Hope

Optimism is difficult in these times, but there are hopeful signs. First, Linda McMahon, Administrator of the SBA, has provided an encouraging note to businesses affected by both hurricanes.  “Getting our communities and businesses up and running after a disaster is our highest priority at SBA,” she has said.

Another positive note comes in the words of Bill Orlove, a spokesperson for Florida Power & Light. The company has employed new technologies and invested billions of dollars since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. As a result, they are better prepared than ever for a major storm.

“We learn from every storm and we take these lessons learned to see how we can make improvements because the key is getting the lights back on,” he said.


There is help for businesses affected by Hurricane Irma. Stay strong, residents and businesses of Florida. Don’t delay in asking for the help you need. Government and charitable groups and thousands of volunteers are ready and eager to assist you and your business. Finally, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Communities will not thrive until their businesses do. Thus, they deserve all the help they can get. Please add your comment below if you know of ANY resources not listed above to help businesses affected by Hurricane Irma.


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