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One thing I’ve noticed since I started writing this blog is that there are plenty of other people out there writing blogs, too and I learn from them every day. Especially in the area of marketing (traditional and digital), I never have to search very long to find something helpful or a new perspective I hadn’t thought about before.

Now, in reality, there are dozens of marketing blogs out there that I’ve found helpful, but we have to draw the line somewhere. So here, in no particular order, are ten marketing blogs worth taking a peek at, as chosen by our Chief Marketing Officer, Shane Shirley.

 1. Straight Talk, by Ted Rubin

Ted’s “thing” is building relationships and how to maximize the value of those relationships in marketing efforts, both online and offline. He has coined the term “Return on Relationship” or “#RonR” and his guidance will help you deepen and strengthen your relationships with customers and prospects, ultimately leading to more success in business. You can follow Ted on Twitter @TedRubin.

2. Scott Monty

Scott’s site describes itself as “thoughts and insights on the changing landscape of business, technology, communications and marketing…” I would say that’s pretty accurate and Scott’s thought leadership in the digital media marketing arena will give you food for thought on many occasions. His weekly round up of digital media marketing news is not to be missed. Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottMonty.

3. Social Media Examiner

Social media has been described as a “wild west show” with things changing so quickly no one can keep up. The Social Media Examiner blog does an excellent job of doing just that, reporting on who is using what in social media channels, and emerging trends in social media marketing. Their social media tips are invaluable. You can follow Social Media Examiner on Twitter @SMExaminer.

4. Mari Smith

A true social media expert with a focus on Facebook, Mari Smith helps companies develop the right presence on Facebook by becoming truly “social companies.”  She has been called “the queen of Facebook” and many well-known companies have reached out to take advantage of her expertise, including Facebook itself. You can follow Mari on Twitter @MariSmith.

5. MarketingProfs

This site really covers a lot of marketing ground. The blog offers solid advice on a broad range of marketing related topics, from new ways used to measure ad effectiveness to how technologies are used differently by consumers based on the countries they live in. The site itself is a clearinghouse of marketing topics, including an interactive forum where people solicit (and get) free advice, and much more. You can follow Marketing Profs on Twitter @MarketingProfs.

6. Marketing Land

A blog that covers plenty of ground from general topics like SEO/SEM and the real impact of online reviews, to drilling down into individual social media tools and channels and studying the most (and sometimes least) effective ways to use them. Follow them on Twitter @MarketingLand.

7. Fast Company

A contemporary business publication whose online presence in social media may have already captured your attention. A breezy, not-too-technical look at topics that are often of value to managers and business owners, but are almost always very interesting. You can follow Fast Company @FastCompany on Twitter @FastCompany.

 8. Adweek/Social Times

As the property of a popular publication for those in the advertising industry, Adweek’s Social Times blog delivers helpful information on social media and the advertising, marketing, and technology-related issues that affect and accompany it. You can follow along with them on Twitter @SocialTimes.

9. Hubspot/Marketing

Hubspot is a “big gorilla” in the digital space, and its marketing blog delivers a lot of value. It offers instructive case studies, personal branding tips, and very thorough “how-to” guides that can improve your business processes in many ways. Follow along with Hubspot on Twitter @Hubspot.

10.  Ad Age

The proverbial ‘bible” for advertising and marketing agency staffs and the clients for whom they work. It provides news and information on developments and relevant topics in all areas of the field, covering both traditional and digital media, and applicable to those working in virtually any capacity of the business. You can follow along with them on Twitter @AdAge.

What Great Marketing Blogs Did We Miss?

I hope you’ll check out some of the blogs on this list, follow along with them on Twitter and that you get some helpful information when you do. And if you’ve got some other favorite marketing blogs you’d like to share, I’m eager to hear about them in the comments below, give me a Tweet @TimEnglish4 or give me a call. It’s always been true, but it’s even more obvious in today’s business environment –  if you’re not learning, you’re losing.

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