In a recent  post we went over ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile so we thought we could touch on Twitter this week. We have found that people either love Twitter or they hate it. I believe the second group is because they are not using it properly. Twitter is a great way to connect with people you usually wouldn’t get a chance to communicate with in a relaxed environment. And Twitter is a great way to show off your industry knowledge and enhance your company’s credibility.

There are so many tips and tools for using Twitter and it can get very overwhelming really fast. We have simplified it for you! Below are some of the tops tips for using Twitter wisely for your business:

  • Do not automate your tweets. I think this is the most important rule of all. If your posts come off impersonal then no one will want to connect with you. So, if you have a blog instead of having it automatically feed to your twitter account take the time to write a description and post the link. It will make a huge difference and people are more likely to share it.
  • Start following people who share common interest and are in the same industry as you. This will help you grow your connections and gain exposure.
  • Post a variety of content. Do not make the mistake of only posting links to good articles. Ask questions, tweet a specific person or group of people or post photos. The goal is to create a conversation and build relationships.
  • Answer all your @mentions in a timely manner. Do not ignore anyone or wait a few weeks to respond because by then they have probably forgotten they even mentioned you.
  • Use it as a search tool. Search for businesses, topics and competitors to see what is being said, where there are gaps and how you can fit in.

We hope that you find these tips useful and help you as you dive into the world of social media marketing. Are there any other tips that you would like to add to the list above?

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