Increase Marketing Response Rates by 30% or MoreUse Data to Open Doors With Personalized URLs

We hear plenty these days about the value of “relationships” with our customers. And that certainly makes sense to me. We try to make every marketing effort unique for our customers, but it’s difficult to make any kind of mass communication feel truly one-to-one. That’s why I’m so enthusiastic about personalized URLs. I think they go a long way in making customers feel truly special, and that they really matter to your business.

In case you’re not familiar with them, personal URLs (pURLs) create a customized, personalized web site for each of your prospects and customers. Whatever methods you use to communicate with them – whether it is email, social media, or traditional marketing tools – that communication directs them to their own personal website landing page and microsite.

That personal URL will likely include the prospect’s name which is a clear indication to your prospect that it has been put together just for them. But even better…it has been created specifically for them, using dynamically generated, personalized content assembled automatically from user inputs and the personal information you have already collect in your database.

It stands to reason that people would pay more attention and be more engaged with a message and an offer that was tailored to them. With the flood of messages barraging each of us every day, how could we not respond to one that treats us an individual rather than a member of a huge, anonymous group? And the statistics bear that out!

Personal = Profitable

Businesses that integrate personalized URLs into their marketing strategies, tailoring highly relevant and targeted content to key prospects, typically show campaign response rates that are 30-100% higher than those without.

Superior Business Solutions’ marketing automation solution models can integrate one-to-one personalized technology into the full range of traditional and/or new media marketing tools and tactics. We’ve incorporated pURLs into campaigns using variable print direct mail, email marketing, web, mobile, and social media applications.

Our solutions also use pURLs to add a personal element into campaigns delivered primarily through traditional mass media including newspaper, TV, outdoor, and radio.

Personal URLs also add value after the initial contact is made. Each pURL and microsite model features back-end dashboards and data capture technology for real time tracking, lead capture, and automated follow up. That means the customer relationship is documented and managed automatically, with the data and personal connections reinforced along the way.

But wait, there’s more!

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.) But dramatically higher response rates aren’t the only benefit of pURLs. They also:

  • Help you capture more personal data relating to your prospect or customer’s needs, interests, and preferences, so you can…
  • Use that date to create relevant, personalized communications to help convert prospects into customers, and…
  • Develop and grow those relationships once they are customers!

Personal URLs may sound a little complicated, but they’re actually pretty simple. Give me a call and I’d be happy to discuss how pURL’s could help you better engage the audiences you are currently targeting. I promise they’ll drop smoothly into whatever marketing plans you currently have going on!

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