Save Time. Do More. Get Happy.

Where can you find extra time in your workday to concentrate on the important stuff? Easy: spend less time on the other things. That’s called efficiency. And Superior Business Solutions was built to bring more efficiency to businesses when my grandfather Robert English started it in 1924.

The company was called Superior Business Forms at the time. And one of its first products was customized sales order books. The books automatically created an extra copy of each order, while the salesperson only had to write down the details once.  That meant they could spend more time getting new sales, and less time on busy work for the old ones.

It’s almost quaint to think of those simple transactions today, as we deliver the benefits of newer technologies like online printing. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The story has just begun!

Efficiency is True to Form for Us

The business grew throughout the years. We became a respected distributor of printed products that add efficiency in many profitable ways. Our services evolved to helping companies transfer information in many ways – through paper copies and digitally through computers. So we changed our name to Superior Business Solutions.

“Excellent customer service. Great to work with. Creative in helping us find solutions.” – Ryan C.

The number of ways we helped add efficiency to businesses grew dramatically. Our expertise expanded beyond labels and forms to include printed brochures, promotional items, direct marketing, point-of-purchase materials, and more. We were helping businesses save time and maximize efficiency in three major areas:

  • Internally, through business forms that keep transactions smooth and records clear
  • Logistically, with labels moving products through production and distribution clearly, and
  • Externally, with great looking brochures and promotional items carrying branding and marketing initiatives to key customers and prospects

Providing Value is One of Our Core Values

After almost 100 years in business, we still ask the same simple question my grandfather did: how can we help? How can we make a positive difference in your workday?

Every product, system, and technology we have developed and refined do one thing: save businesses a lot of time. That can translate not only to tallying more sales but to something even more important: ditching the need to work late and spending more time with your family each day, knowing things for work are under control.

“Excellent service. Friendly staff. Perfect products. Great prices. Very easy to work with. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.” – Jeannie C.

It’s Your Time You Will Be Saving

Find out what our advanced print management capabilities and diverse technologies could bring to your business. Naturally, it will be up to you to decide how to use the time you will be saving. Maybe you’ll use it to seek additional business opportunities or to better serve existing clients.

But we hope you’ll use at least a little of it to ease the stress and pressure of your workday–and end that workday a little sooner. Spend time with those you love and doing those enjoyable things that make you a well -rounded, interesting person. You’ll find that that is almost always great for business.

I hope you’ll contact us to get some concrete examples of the things I’m talking about. We don’t get many calls for customized sales order books these days. But efficiency never goes out of style.

Contact Superior today and ask for a FREE print supply chain management review including Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Programs. We’re almost a century-year-old company. We must be doing something right. Don’t you owe it to your company to find out what?

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