Our Most-read Print and Promo Blog Posts of the Year

I’d like to start today’s post with a big THANK YOU!

Why? Well, this has been a very challenging but rewarding year.

I’m grateful for the fact that even with all the distractions, traffic to this blog nearly doubled in 2020. Thank you to all YOU, our readers — the new ones, and the loyal folks who’ve been following us for years — for making that happen.

Our Top Reads of 2020

So, what posts captured peoples’ attention this year? Here’s a “countdown” of the posts on this blog that were read most often during 2020.

10. Top 10 Blogs for the Agriculture Industry

Food safety is an important topic these days, and it’s no surprise that people who are in (or work with) that industry want to keep up with the latest regulations and tracing protocols. A great place to “talk shop” when the “shop” is hundreds of acres.

9. Green Your Print Supply Chain with These 20 Eco-Friendly Print, Packaging and Label Solutions

Some uninformed sources out there are still “dissing” print as detrimental to the environment. We’ve had a number of posts setting them straight. But this one offers several strategies for making your use of print sustainable and even more environmentally friendly.

8. Get COVID-19 Signage & Labels FAST to Give Direction & Offer Comfort to Customers & Employees

Things have been chaotic for businesses during the pandemic. So many had to deal with sudden changes to shutdowns, partial openings, mask and distancing rules and more. We were happy to provide some guidance and ways to help those businesses respond quickly to minimize the disruption.

7.  How Much Does It Cost to Host a Golf Tournament

This one is an “oldie but goodie.” Golf outings are great business opportunities, and great fun for all involved. But it can be intimidating if you haven’t attempted to host one. This post offers plenty of planning pointers and support, along with a link to an annual golf tournament guide we update yearly.

6. Branded Masks for Coronavirus, Made in the USA with YOUR Logo

Protecting employees and customers became critical during 2020, and we were able to make quality masks available. And many businesses were interested in offering that security and add their branding as a reminder of who provided it.

5. 10 Quotes to Promote Mindfulness at Work

To some, “mindfulness” conjures up ancient imagery of meditating monks. But check out this post for the true meaning of the word, and how practicing it can have a tangible effect on your business and your employees. Focus on what’s important right now; some of these quotes will stay with you, I guarantee it.

4. Here’s How to Get Employees Ready to Work from Home!

Another popular post that offered guidance during a difficult time. A great many employees were suddenly challenged to work from a home that wasn’t designed for productivity. In this post we suggested a number of items employers could provide those employees and new hires to help bridge that gap. Businesses benefited and employees were grateful. A win-win when we needed it most.

3. 10 Inspiring Quotes EVERY Procurement Professional Needs to Read

We at Superior are print supply chain management and procurement professionals, of course. But we also reach thousands of other people with those job responsibilities through this blog. This post provides an uplifting group of quotes that reinforce the value of what (the collective) WE do.

2. How to Find Minority and Women-Owned Business Partners in 5 Simple Steps

It’s more than “the right thing to do.” It benefits your business by adding diverse perspectives, increasing your chances to win government contracts, and strengthening your local economy. If you don’t know where to start, you will after reading this post.

1. 10 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Through Your Workday

What do Ben Franklin, Steven Covey, and Yoda have in common? Well, they all contribute fascinating and motivating quotes to the collection in this post. It’s an excellent group, and I’ll wager that you will find words here that make you laugh, make you think, and make you determined to act on them. I think they are all treasures, and I’m thrilled that so many readers seem to agree.

Happy New Year…and Again, THANKS!

In closing, I want once again to mention how much I appreciate all our customers, vendors, and business partners. I’d also like to thank and acknowledge our people, who keep drawing raves from customers and partners alike. They’re Superior employees in more ways than one.

Make sure you’re along for what I predict will be a very successful ride in 2020 and sign up for our newsletter.

Happy new year and cheers to a happy and successful 2021!

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