In previous posts we have been over the importance of sales and marketing being on the same page in regards to their roles. In order to increase sales efficiently, they must work together seamlessly. It’s marketers’ job to make sure that they are not only generating leads for the sales team, but that are also generating high quality leads that the sales team can close as customers at as high a rate as possible. Below are 3 questions your marketing team should ask sales to help improve your current situation.

  1. marketing questionsWhat qualifies a good and bad lead? It’s important to get detailed feedback from your sales reps about what they think makes for a particularly strong or weak lead. Your reps may also have different opinions about what qualities are most indicative of a lead that will most likely close or not. Find out what specific factors they use when deciding to call a lead or not.
  2. What offers do your leads like the most and which ones do they like the least? And why? Find out how your offers are performing from the rep’s perspective, and ask your reps to share details on if their leads are finding these offers useful or wasteful. Example of good things to ask are,  what do people enjoy most about the demo or assessment? How valuable are they finding your ebooks, webinars, or other downloadable content? What are a few pieces of criticism the rep has received?
  3. What is the top reason leads are not buying? Find out why they are not ready to buy instead of just sending them on another email path. If it’s time budget or time, then change your messaging to make them feel comfortable about these issues. You may be able to work out a payment plan to get them on board quicker. The more you know the better!
What other questions does your marketing team ask sales?
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