Waste #3: Processing–Part 4 of 8: Addressing the 7 Wastes in LEAN Manufacturing with Corporate Kiosk

In our current series, we’ve been talking about the seven wastes identified in LEAN manufacturing. The original post was one of our most popular ever. But with so many people starting businesses and changes in the way many businesses operate today, it’s certainly worth another look. Today, let’s look at production processes themselves. No matter what kind of business you operate, chances are, waste in those processes is costing you time and money.

Remember Rube Goldberg? He is that beloved engineer-turned-cartoonist who was famous for creating very complicated procedures to perform very simple tasks. Want to blow out a candle? In Rube’s world, you would step on a pedal which launches a dog biscuit across the room, causing a nearby dog to chase it. Of course, the dog was tied to a doorknob. Thus, the door would close quickly, causing a sudden gust of air. Which, naturally, extinguished the candle.

But back to business. Today most assembly and production lines are fairly efficient. (Rube would have been so disappointed.) But in most cases, there are still steps that can be eliminated or operations that can be combined to save time and money. LEAN manufacturing principles confirm it.

LEAN Manufacturing Requires Change

So why is it that, with careful examination, a business can usually find ways to accomplish its objectives faster, or with fewer steps in their process? Chances are, it’s that “comfort zone” thing.

When you live with an established process for years, it can be difficult to imagine any major change. A tweak here and there, and you feel as though you are refining the system and building productivity. But major changes are a different matter. Re-configuring workflow to eliminate entire steps is no tweak. Taking a different route to your finish line feels risky and disruptive.

The latest business books agree that such discomfort is needed to ensure your company’s sustainability in a world full of increased competition and technological advances. Fortunately, some of those technological advances are just what you need to do it.

Corporate Kiosk Can Simplify Your Printing Process

Corporate Kiosk™ is our e-procurement technology. And it can help your company eliminate waste in printing and other processes in many ways. Here are just a few:

  1. Eliminating a “key” waste. At almost any point where a system requires the manual keying in of orders at several steps, that’s waste. Corporate Kiosk can automate those processes. Approved templates and real-time information flow save thousands of employee hours. Furthermore, the potential for logging errors virtually disappears.
  2. A single platform for new orders and replenishment. In many organizations, “new” orders are treated differently than replenishment. Corporate Kiosk can be configured to handle both seamlessly. All orders “live” in one place, in one system. Two tasks are now one. LEAN principles successfully applied.
  3. Best practice for business forms, collateral literature, and promotional products. How many people, in different offices and at different times, follow the same repetitive steps to create, source, order and receive these items? With Corporate Kiosk, the task is done once, up front, by those with the appropriate expertise and responsibility. Authorized employees can then access the approved forms or products wherever and whenever necessary. They don’t need to create anything, and they don’t need to get approvals.

LEAN Manufacturing Sees Waste in Your Process. Let’s Find It.

The seven areas of waste identified by the LEAN manufacturing protocols are real and can be significant. And they just might start in your process itself. We’ll be looking at several other areas of waste as this series continues next week.

But if you’d like to start the process of stopping this waste sooner, contact us today. Or get in touch with one of our knowledgeable sales reps. Both are great ways to find out what Corporate Kiosk can do for your business.

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