Name and Claim Outings and Events with Promotional Products

There are plenty of places that promotional products make very good sense. That’s the whole reason for our current series on promotional marketing programs for your business. But today, I’d like to focus on some promotional marketing opportunities that might not be on your radar: golf outings and corporate events.

A couple weeks back I touched upon some special events for which you might use promotional products. I talked then about company meetings, seminars, and other business-related gatherings. But today I’d like to take a swing at (sorry) suggesting some events that are designed for fun but are also perfect for getting your brand noticed and appreciated.

Golf Outings as Promotional Opportunities

Companies have sponsored and took part in golf outings for decades, and there is a very good reason they remain so popular. To name a few:

  • They are fun. It’s a chance to lose the tie and enjoy the day with associates, supply chain partners, customers and others important to your business.
  • They are functional. Golf outings provide an extended opportunity to mix invaluable discussions related to your business and build relationships with potential customers.
  • They are informal, giving you the chance to show your personality and become something more than just another vendor or supplier.

You might find you have something in common—even if it’s less-than-tour-quality golf ability. That can make them want to talk to you again.

How Golf Outings Work as Promotional Marketing

Your company can take advantage of the enduring popularity of golf outings in a couple of ways. And promotional marketing is at the center, either way.

  1. Your Company Can Sponsor a Golf Outing

You can control the entire situation by hosting your own corporate golf outing. There are quite a few moving parts, but it may not be as complex as you think. That’s especially true if you take advantage of our new Golf Tournament Planning Guide.

Golf planning guide

By operating your own outing, you can decide the size, the focus and the guest list. It could be an employee “thank you” event. Invite key customers as a “thank you” for their loyalty. Or use it as a business prospecting tool for your top prospects ). Regardless of which you choose, promotional products can be a big part of the presentation. Your memorable identity can be on everything from gifts you provide to each golfer to the branding clear on every hole and at every stage of the outing.

  1. Your Company Can take part in a Charitable Benefit Outing

No doubt you hear of many golf outings that benefit non-profit causes of all types. Many are designed to raise money for research to combat diseases, build or improve facilities for children here and abroad, or support animal rescue shelters.

Your company can easily play a key part in those outings with a sponsorship (usually available at many financial levels), you also get the opportunity to display your brand at the event and distribute branded items to attendees. Your promotional products can be included in the “swag bag” golfers look forward to at these outings, or handed out separately at the dinner, awards ceremony or at various side competitions often included.

You obviously don’t name and control the event. But your business, by its participation, helps support a worthy cause. It also earns added respect and recognition from all participants for doing so. (And if you pick the outing carefully, many potential prospects might be among those attendees.)

Promotional Marketing Programs Can Include Other Events

Golf works well, but it certainly isn’t “the only game in town” in terms of promotional marketing programs. Many other kinds of events can do the job, whether you use your creativity to initiate them, or strategic research to locate existing events that are appropriate for your business or appealing to your prime prospects.

There are plenty of events that generate funds for non-profits and could collect attention for your company as a part of it. Many running events, including relays and 10K road races, would welcome your involvement. Seasonal events can also be prime opportunities for participation and distribution of your promotional products. I’ve seen them for almost every holiday, and many others that celebrate a local community landmark or tradition.

Short of Ideas? I Know Just Who to Call.

Us, of course. Superior Business Solutions has been helping businesses make the right promotional marketing decisions for nearly 100 years. We were founded on helping businesses run more efficiently. And the clever and strategic use of promotional marketing programs have always been a key part of that.

We were recently named Best of Print and Digital thanks to the reviews of our customers.. Superior Business Solutions has also earned ISO certification, which demonstrates that we meet strict objective standards for business practices that serve those customers extremely well.

Contact Superior for a promotional product audit. A golf outing may or may not be the right promotional marketing program for you. But when you work with Superior, good business-building recommendations are par for the course.

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