Direct Mail With Video? Here's a Marketing Approach You Have to Watch

Direct Mail with Video? Here’s A Marketing Idea That Really Needs Watching

If you’re a regular reader, you know I like direct mail because current research shows that it’s a great way to separate yourself from competitors who think “all digital” is the only way to go today. In my opinion, a campaign that includes a nice printed piece your prospect can hold in their hands, is a lot better than one that is likely to be deleted instantly with his or her finger.

But today I’d like to talk about a great idea that takes direct mail to an even higher level. How much better would it be if your direct mail piece carried with it a TV set that played your commercial on the spot?  Well, stay tuned for a new technology that essentially does just that!

Put Your Direct Mail Message In Motion

We have partnered with BRB Group, to offer the most dynamic direct mail video format you’ve ever seen. The Video Folder lets you include a pre-recorded, crystal clear video on an LCD screen right in the folder that carries your marketing message.  Here are a few benefits, just for starters. The Video Folder…

  • Combines audio, video, and print in one comprehensive marketing tool
  • Allows you to provide technical information, dramatic demos, humor or other engaging content in a format that instantly engages your prospects
  • Delivers your selling message exactly the way you want it presented
  • Permits you to customize screen size, controls, and (of course) the printed message on all panels of the folder
  • Makes a dramatic impact that certainly won’t be ignored or tossed away

Let’s Brainstorm a Blockbuster Video for Your Next Direct Mail Piece

If you looked at the video above, it probably got your wheels turning. I’d love to help you figure out just how you can use the Video Folder most effectively for your business.  If you’d like to toss around ideas, or just want more information, contact me or one of our sales reps soon. Our team thrives on being creative – and we absolutely love helping you be more successful.


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