Let’s THRIVE in 2015Looking For Ways To THRIVE Professionally and Personally in 2015? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Started

Facing the new year can be a breath of fresh air for some and a daunting unknown for others. We often mark the turning of a year with organizing and goal setting, business acumen and personal resolutions that will affect us both at home and at work. In the coming year, here on our Superior Business Solutions’ blog, we are going to focus on offering solutions (hey it’s in our name!) that will help you to THRIVE both professionally and personally.

So instead of looking at the new year as daunting, know you have a partner here with your Superior Family to help keep you focused, productive, and living a successful and satisfying life both at the office and at home and get ready to THRIVE IN 2015!


To start us off on our journey to THRIVE in the new year, today I am sharing 5 ways to get started that will help you drive out some of that worry and focus on ways to THRIVE that are both effective and realistic.

1. Set realistic goals: First things first. Many people, from young entrepreneurs to CEOs, somehow forget realism in favor of zealous goal setting that eventually becomes more crippling than driving. Be ambitious in your goal setting, of course, but know your personal and your business’ limits. Avoid ultimatums such as trying to make X amount of money or win such-and-such award. Some things are out of your hands, and you only have as many hours in the day as everyone else. More info to come on creating more time in your workday later…

2. But still, set goals… Addendum to tip #1: don’t let fear of falling short keep you from setting goals at all.  Does this sound familiar? Are you not setting goals at all? If so you are missing out on this important and effective way to stay focused and successful. Use the data you have and decide what’s reasonable. You’d be surprised by how many people run headlong into a project without having the slightest idea what it will take to achieve said goal. Focus on each day, and review the goals you set as you go. Amend them if you need to, and continue your momentum.

3. Stay up to date: Being aware of what else is happening in your industry is often the first step to success. It’s always worth the time it takes to stay well informed and up to date, so read the appropriate material and apply that knowledge to anticipate the currents of your industry and stay on the cutting edge.

4. Connect and reconnect with your network: Whether this is over breakfast or on social media, it’s important to stay in touch with the connections you already have as well as form new connections throughout 2015. You never know where genuine help will come from, and with the right assistance you could exceed the goals you set when this began.

5. Maintain positivity: This cannot be overstated, and it often gets understated. Maintaining a positive attitude is not only helpful for your own mental health, it’s magnetic. Most, if not all of the goals you set this year will hinge of the positivity of your character. A halcyon attitude can improve work environment and increase a positive business culture around you. It can make you and your organization thrive.

Let’s THRIVE in 2015

Remember, Superior Business Solutions will be focusing its blog in 2015 on ways to help people help themselves and their businesses find success. One of our goals for the new year is to help you thrive, so stay tuned, and prepare for a fantastic year!

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