5 Ways To Market Your FranchiseMarketing is essential for any business endeavor, but in 2015, being a franchisor will mean an even more intense marketing campaign to get things off the ground. It’s never a bad idea to work on improving your marketing efforts whenever possible, but this Forbes article puts it perfectly when they write: “there are more factors in marketing when it comes to franchises. For one, as a franchisor you have to market yourself to find prospective franchisees—not just consumers.”

This is known as franchise development marketing, and as the article hints at, it requires a much more thorough approach. So how best to market your franchise? It might sound like exhausting work, and in many ways it is, but it can be very rewarding also. Below, we’ve pulled together 5 tips on marketing your franchise that are sure to broaden your awareness, help you sleep at night, and make your franchise stand out among all the rest.

Narrow Your Focus

First things first: there are lots of franchises out there, and you can’t possibly compete with them all. Start by choosing a specific industry in which you are interested. Whether you want to buy a franchise that capitalizes on your particular set of skills or experiences, or you want to branch out and gain new experiences, you have to know what you’re looking for and stick to it. Do your research. Narrow that list down until you have a manageable number of options to pursue.

Be Unique

It’s easier said than done with all the brands out there. But over and over again, it’s the franchises that discover a new way to capture the minds of its target audience that come out on top. You don’t gain anything by being a carbon copy of another business that does well. You gain by differentiating yourself.

Narrow Your Reach

“Companies that try to be “all things to all people” find quickly they will only succeed at being mediocre at everything – a guarantee of long-term failure,” writes this Entrepreneur article. And they’re exactly right. By “narrow your reach” I mean, be specific with your audiences, your branding, and your message. Franchises and businesses that go far target a niche audience.

Maximize Visibility

These are the nitty-gritty everyday marketing best practices that all businesses need to survive in a crowded market. Don’t cut any corners. Design a SEO-optimized website and drive its visibility with content, CTAs, offers, a social media strategy, the list goes on. If you need more information, you can find a detailed overview of our marketing enablement options HERE. There are a lot of strategies out there, and Superior Business Solutions is here to help you get your franchise off the ground.

Once Off the Ground…Expand Your Network

Ok. After all that about narrowing focus, you want me to expand? Yes. After you’ve established some traction in your chosen market, and your franchise is starting to go somewhere. Timing is everything, and now is the time to expand your network. Host events and make strong connections. Brands can’t grow until they’re established.

We hope these practices give you the best advantage possible over the competition. Starting and maintaining a franchise is not easy, but a good marketing campaign can spur it along at a healthy pace. Just remember not to sweat it. It can take some time for a business to show improvement.

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