5 Steps to a Happy Corporate Holiday

Make the Holidays Happy for You, Your Co-Workers and Your Clients

When you’re in business, the holidays can be equal parts delight and dread. Sure the atmosphere is festive, and who doesn’t enjoy the chance to share in the music, the gifts and the special family times? But your business is a huge part of your life too and when you’re wearing that business hat, the holidays can bring a mixed bag of emotions.

For many retail businesses, the holidays are the busiest time of year. So the pressure of business, the extra hours and intensity, and the sheer necessity of maximizing your prime sales opportunity can take over, drowning out the holiday “noise” but burning out some of your best people in the process.

For other businesses, the holidays are a slow period but that leads to the nagging question: is that because the customers are less interested in buying during that period, or is it because employees are so busy enjoying the holiday merriment that they aren’t quite as diligent about sales calls and customer interactions?

In an ideal world, you, your co-workers and employees, as well as your clients will have very memorable and happy holidays. Your business needs to finish the year strong and have a happy staff that makes the most of sales opportunities, avoiding the “holiday hibernation” that plagues many. Plus, bringing a bit of happy to your clients this time of year is a great thing to do. To help you do all of that and in keeping with my 2015 THRIVE series, I’ve gathered a few tips that may help you out. 

5 Steps To A Happier Corporate Holiday

  1. Decorations  Pay Dividends

This is no time to go against the flow. Your customers like seeing holiday decorations, and they’ll like you more if they experience them at your place of business. I have found even our employees enjoy holiday decorations. Be inclusive to various holiday traditions and add some festive lighting, leave the radio on a holiday station, decorate with some fun spray snow and offer free hot cocoa and cookies to all who stop in.  Your business will seem more welcoming, which is one important step along the path toward making a purchase and your employees will enjoy the special touches as well.

  1. Put Your Name On Things

People are in the mood to give and receive gifts during the holidays, and those people get together constantly for holiday office parties, New Year’s Eve festivities and many other events. You can make your business part of the action through promotional items carrying your logo. Whether you sell to consumers or other businesses, these giveaways are an effective way to keep you top of mind with those customers during a hectic season and beyond. Plus, employees will feel special and take pride in your company when they carry a custom logo’d gift like a trendy messenger bag.

There’s nothing wrong with coffee mugs and pens, but you can be more creative than that. Browse our PromoPlace for more ideas or call me or reach out to one of our sales reps. We are happy to do a little “brainstorming” to help you pick the perfect item.

  1. Don’t Sleep On Your Email and Mobile Marketing

To help your business capture its fair share (or more) of holiday sales traffic, make sure you put time and energy into these channels, which get heavy use during this time. People are thinking about gift purchases 24/7, and they’re doing it (and making those purchases) on their ever-present smartphones. As they constantly check their texts and emails at home, at work, and everywhere in between, they’ll be able to see your messages and take advantage of any discounts, coupons or exclusive offers right away. One last tips here, be sure your website is optimized and performing well on mobile to make it easy for customers to purchase and research your products via mobile.

  1. Send the Right Holiday Card

Show your clients, partners, suppliers, employees and anyone else who is important to your business that you recognize that fact! I went into more detail on this in a recent post so check it out, but by “sending” I mean good old-fashioned postal mail. It’s a tangible “thank you” that demonstrates time, money and effort exerted to acknowledge the relationship. It may be a little thing, but it helps you stand out more and more as others choose the easier and less tangible, and more “salesy” electronic option.

  1. Take Part in a Charity Effort

Some companies participate in local “angel tree” efforts while others pledge their people to ring bells for the Salvation Army and let those people do it on work time. Still other companies provide for the needs of a struggling family identified for them by a local church or organization.

There are two good reasons to participate in one of these efforts. First, people just naturally want to do business with companies that care about others and the community because they see those businesses as more credible, more honest, and more “worthy” of support and of their shopping dollars. The other reason is a lot simpler: it feels good to do good. Yes it can be a lot of work for one person to coordinate, so get the whole office involved by asking for ideas on ways to help the community and pick a few.

Let’s Make It A Season To Remember…

There’s a great season just ahead, both for selling and for sharing with others. I hope my tips above help you, your co-workers and your clients enjoy a successful and enjoyable holiday season. I would like to hear your tips as well so leave a comment or share my post on social and give us a shout out. We are always happy to follow new company profiles and share your holiday and business tips on our social media channels. Let’s make it a season to remember!

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