According to IDG’s B2B Content Marketing Trends survey, infographics are the fastest growing content type on the web. Twenty-percent of B2B companies say they are using infographics as part of their content marketing efforts. This is up 150% over year over year. There is no mystery why.

  1. Infographics are easy to understand. Few people have time to sit down and read anymore. However, the busiest people will often look at infographics even when they won’t read anything else.
  2. Your customers are visual. In general, human beings are wired to absorb information faster and more easily visually than by reading text. Infographics offer the power of visual learning.
  3. Infographics make data easier to absorb. Because complex information can be communicated more easily in graphic form, infographics are the perfect way to present large amounts of data.
  4. Infographics boost SEO. According to Google, searches for infographics are up 800% 2011-2012. Adorn your infographics with descriptions, captions, and alt tags and they are very likely to get found.
  5. Infographics improve viral sharing. People love to share information via social media, and infographics make great viral content. If you post them, your customers are likely to Tweet, like, Pin, and otherwise share them.

Although infographics are primarily an online content medium, they benefit your print design, as well. The elements you develop to create great infographics can be used in other print media.  Plus, you may also want your print materials such as direct mail, brochures, and marketing collateral to be influenced by the infographics style — less text, more data, and heavier emphasis on conceptual design elements that communicate information in visual form.

Want to grab attention and help customers retain information better? Think infographics!

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