If Procuring Print Is Your Business, These Blogs Are Your Library.

Funny thing about clichés: often, they’re true! You’ve probably heard that today, “knowledge is power” and “information is currency.”  Well, it is. And it is. And if you deal in print procurement (from either side of the desk), you need to keep up on issues, trends, and important developments that could impact your professional life.

So today I’m going to provide information on where to get information! I’ve put together a list of 10 of the most helpful blogs and other online sites for print procurement pros. Check them out–not just today, but regularly. You’ll gain insights from both the print buying and the print sales perspectives. What you’ll learn will make you more effective in your job, and more valuable to your company.

So, in no particular order…

Here Are 10 Top Blogs Print Procurement Pros Should Be Reading

  1. Two Sides

This is an excellent blog from a not-for-profit organization that unites members from many parts of the supply chain. It does a great job of dispelling deceptive and incorrect myths about paper and printing, based on hard research and analysis, not trendy opinion.

It has a great deal of information about sustainability. And it promotes best practices to ensure that printing remains the environmentally responsible industry it is today. Interesting topics, too—such as why print is essential to the future of education.

  1. Girls Who Print

It is what it sounds like: a celebration of women in the printing industry. But it goes much further than that, explaining why that diversity is essential to the industry’s growth.

It also provides features on women in leadership positions, the importance of mentoring and many other related issues. And make no mistake: every print executive (or anyone who wants to achieve that career status) needs to follow this blog, regardless of gender.

  1. Print in the Mix

Trustworthy “facts” can be elusive online. But you’ll find nothing but facts on this website. Operated by the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology, it serves as a “clearinghouse” of curated third-party research on print and its value in solo and cross-media marketing applications. When you have data-based credibility on your side, it’s no longer just your opinion.

I can’t say it any better than they do: Our mission is to advocate and educate for the value of print as a viable and effective ROI in the marketing strategy media mix — alone and working synergistically with other media to drive results.

  1. Print Media Center

If you are a print and marketing professional, you can’t miss this blog. An energetic group of print experts take turns providing inspiration and helpful advice.

It has a dual target audience. It helps print industry pros with tips on how best to deliver excellent work and maximize revenue. But it also offers actionable advice to those creating printed pieces, with suggestions on freshening content and more.

  1. Printing Industries of America

This is the blog (and website) of the largest printing industry trade association. It is packed with useful information for printing companies. The blog highlights events, new technologies, relevant research findings and more.

Visitors to this blog get early exposure to emerging trends. They will also benefit from tips on improving productivity throughout the printing process. You can’t really be “tuned in” to the industry without staying current on this one.

  1. PrintAmericas

This one is a site that belongs on your “check-it-daily’ list. It is a fast-paced once-over of everything that is “happening” in print throughout the Americas.

Events are highlighted, technologies are discussed, and unique printed pieces are shown as intriguing examples. You’ll find links to relevant directories and research that sheds light on the continuing importance of print to even our newest generations.

  1. Museum of Printing

The best word for this one might be “fascinating.” This blog is a virtual festival of the history, artifacts and aesthetics of printed pieces and printing equipment across time. It is the online product of the “brick and mortar” museum in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Some posts feature the work and stories of significant practitioners, while others focus on the intricacy of mass printing equipment. Others capture the simple beauty of things like elegant wood type and yes, mimeograph machines. This museum is worth frequent virtual (if not in-person) visits.

  1. Paper Options

This is a blog with a specialized purpose. It is the online vehicle of the Coalition for Paper Options. It is a strong and vibrant response to the actions of companies and organizations across the country that are eliminating (or trying to eliminate) consumers’ options to receive and submit transactional forms in paper hard copy, rather than digitally.

The blog rallies to its cause by pointing out the heavy preference of a great many people to continue to deal with paper copies, especially for financial transactions. Others are physically unable to deal with a digital-only structure. We all need to understand and work to maintain this option in all possible cases.

  1. 3D Printing Industry

You simply can’t claim to be an expert in printing if you aren’t up to date on 3D printing. It’s a part of the industry that is gaining great momentum, and you and your company risk falling behind if you let it remain out of your comfort zone.

That said, this blog can get quite technical; it should prove satisfying to those with good working knowledge of 3D printing to begin with. But it’s an excellent resource if you want regular insight into the “state-of-the-art” in 3D printing.

  1. Tim’s Print & Promo Blog

Okay, I’m as humble as the next guy, but I feel like the blog you are reading now belongs on this list, too. We’ve been helping businesses with their printing and other services for 95 years. One of our earliest advances was carbon paper on sales reps’ order pads. Saved plenty of repetitious copying and wasted time back “in the day.”

Of course, more recently we’ve earned ISO certification that verifies (and formalizes) the value of our processes. And three straight Best of Print and Digital awards confirm our customers are more than happy with the results we’ve delivered.

How to Procure the Best Help

All these blogs provide great information. It should help you make better business decisions on printing and printed projects. Allow me to suggest one risk-free decision that could be a huge money-saving opportunity.

Contact Superior for a free print management audit. You’ll enjoy peace of mind of knowing you are getting the maximum efficiencies and best possible pricing on your printed projects. But after contacting us, get back to your “homework.” You’ve got some reading to do.

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