The AnswHow to Reduce Costs and Chaos in Your Print Supply Chainer, Much to the Experts’ Surprise, Is….Technology!

It’s actually rather ironic. As I’ve mentioned here before, many self-appointed experts claim that print is diminishing in importance, and that we are headed toward a paperless society. And the reason most often cited for this prediction?  “Technology.”

Well, there is plenty of research that shows that print is not only alive and well, but carries with it greater impact and credibility than electronic communication. Even more interesting is the fact that, far from being a replacement for print, technology is helping to make print more efficient and effective than ever.

An excellent case in point is our Corporate Kiosk™ technology, an advanced e-procurement system that enables users to get reliable, consistently high-quality printing across their entire enterprise at managed, reasonable cost. The process also ensures simplicity of ordering and reordering, standardization of common forms and literature across the company, and better control and management of the process through predetermined options that comply with corporate purchasing and identity guidelines.

Here are just some of the benefits of Corporate Kiosk:

  • You determine who is able to order what in your company; you can select them by name, job function or other factors. The system can be deployed as you desire,  from only a few departments to company wide.
  • It’s a web-based system, so distance is no obstacle to presenting a uniform look in the forms and materials used across your enterprise. Ordering is simple, and the desired results are assured.
  • Inventory optimization, procurement, and cost controls can be established for all printed materials including marketing, promotion, corporate identity, forms, contracts, labels, stationary and more.
  • The process delivers similar benefits for the ordering of promotional items; you can offer your people a menu of pre-selected options from our multitude of suppliers, eliminating duplication of effort and the possibility of costly and chaotic ”maverick” ordering.
  • No new capital expenditures are required; Corporate Kiosk is a hosted platform that can be customized to match the needs of your organization perfectly.

To me, the bottom line is that technology isn’t making print “obsolete” – it’s making print better than ever! Give me call and we can discuss some of the ways Corporate Kiosk or one of our other technologies can streamline your supply chain, and make your business function better at a lower and more predictable cost.

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