Will Eco branding Save Money on Printing Services?

I’ve been writing about print supply chain management in recent weeks. And that’s not by accident. I think it’s one area in which we can do the most good for our clients. Our company was founded on new ways to save businesses money, and we are normally able to do that easily by examining how they handle printing services.

But here’s another innovative idea that has me intrigued. It turns out “thinking outside the box” should now include thinking about what’s on the outside of the box. Because a small adjustment in the treatment and density of a company logo can accomplish plenty. It saves money on ink, of course. But it also can enhance printing quality. And finally, it can improve the company’s image by demonstrating it is an environmentally concerned organization.

Welcome to Savings

A company logo is extremely valuable; even a small change is a big deal. But think about the logos of the world’s greatest companies. Those logos appear on a staggering number of product packages, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and other printed pieces.

Many of those logos are “ink-intensive.” By reducing the amount of ink needed to print each one, the total ink savings would be eye-opening. And in the right hands, that logo adjustment may also streamline and improve the quality of that logo each time it is printed.

Better by Design

Sylvain Boyer, a French designer, took on the challenge of adjusting the logos of several prominent companies to make them more environmentally friendly (and less costly to print). His work, which he calls “eco branding”, shows that a logo can be redesigned to use up to 40% less ink at each printing, while preserving the distinctive look and brand equity t hose companies have in their logos.

Boyer realized that the world’s most famous logos are printed literally billions of times, so savings can add up. But he does take care to protect the inherent value of the original logo.

“To transform a logo into an eco logo, we start from the initial shape of the logo without deforming it, but we ‘dig’ a little inside to reduce its environmental impact,” says Boyer.

Can Less Ink Mean More Attention?

The economic benefit here is important, but it is far from the only one. If companies choose to have their logos rendered in a more eco-friendly version, they will be celebrated for their environmental awareness and proactive thinking. This is the ultimate “win/win.”

The redesigned logo clearly and faithfully represents the brand the consumer has come to expect, so the branding remains strong. And environmentally conscious customers and potential customers will admire the action and endorse the decision with their shopping dollars.

Printing Ideas Delivered Fresh Daily

Clearly, Boyer is thinking outside of the box when it comes to print. We like to think we are right in line with that type of thinking. We continue to work hard each day to deliver the truly innovative solutions and technology to make your work more efficient and profitable. Our company was founded on it almost 100 years ago.

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