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Happy International Print Day 2018! #IPD18 is a big day for those of us in the industry. But it’s also a big day for those who appreciate and prefer their communications, books and important documents printed on paper. That means just about all of us, according to statistics provided by TwoSidesNorthAmerica.

Digital communications are great; we all use and depend on them. But studies confirm that when the proverbial “push comes to shove” print and paper is the format people trust the most. Such as…

When They Need to Check It…

When it involves details of their financial lives, people just trust print more. I’ve mentioned it before. With bills, invoices, and financial statements, people want to receive them in printed form. That opinion is held by 97% of people surveyed.

Banks and other institutions frequently invite customers to “go paperless.” For most people, that’s a no-go.

When They Need to Remember It…

You’ve heard it before: information is currency today. Understanding, retaining, and using information is a critical skill for survival. That’s why 88% of people believe that they do all those things better when they read the information in printed form.

Screens are for fun for playing. Print and paper work better for learning.

When They Need to Preserve It…

Digital divas claim that storing vital information electronically saves space and helps keep things organized. It’s a good thought, but one that doesn’t provide much sense of comfort once that information disappears from a screen. That’s why 78% of Americans keep hard copies of important documents stored at home or in a safe deposit box.

When important information or documentation is needed, they don’t want to click on a link and hope. They want to go get it.

Getting More Reasons On Paper

Plenty of other factors explain why so many people love print. Nearly 80% agree that print on paper is more pleasant to handle and touch than other media, such as tablet and smartphone screens. Even the reading itself is enhanced, as nearly three-quarters of Americans feel that reading a printed book or magazine is more enjoyable than reading it on an electronic device.

Own or manage a business? Print and paper can make your marketing far more memorable and compelling. I’ve discussed this in a recent post, as well. Oh, and don’t forget: print is incredibly sustainable. Paper is a renewable resource, and there are more trees than ever!

Have a Superior International Print Day

Join us in celebrating International Print Day 2018. Use the Hashtag #IPD18 and share on social media how print has impacted your life or helped your business. Take a book to lunch, or a magazine to dinner! And appreciate how the benefits of versatile, efficient and sustainable paper and print add to our lives.

We’ve been helping businesses meet their print needs for nearly 100 years. It’s a territory we know well. Contact Superior and see how we can make print work for you. We only celebrate printing one day a year. But we’ll use it to make your business work better each and every day.

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