Supply Chain Management Process

Our supply chain management process starts with an audit and analysis of your print and promotional products, inventory and procurement practices. We identify opportunities to streamline procurement, leveraging opportunities to manage and optimize inventory and spend—from commodity labels and forms to print, collateral and promotional items.

Our approach to supply chain management is consultative. We custom configure end-to-end procurement, inventory management, ordering and fulfillment services, integrated to support your specific policies, processes and workflow. They include automated e-procurement technologies, like our Corporate Kiosk, connecting 1% to 100% of your corporate ecosystem of end users to manage and control and the entire process.

We know, change isn’t easy and changing processes especially so. That’s why we seamlessly integrate our supply chain management and process improvement solutions into your current practices and processes to work within the framework of your operations—with a goal of continuous process improvement—resulting in better buying and substantial cost and time savings.

With a unified, centralized supply chain management solution in place, you’ll have more buying power than you’ve probably ever imagined with access to limitless product selections. Administrative controls let you grant autonomy across individual departments or business units—while still driving efficiency, eliminating waste and managing costs. Let us show you how with a Superior supply chain management solution.

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