Custom Labels

We supply custom labels from leading label manufacturers for nearly every label and tag application imaginable—across diverse industry verticals. From product to packing to shipping labels, Superior Business Solutions’ custom labels include a range of options from traditional labels to all the latest labeling technologies like barcode, RFID, digital, laser, thermal labels and more.

Commodity Management

Buying labels—even custom labels—might seem like a routine commodity purchase. In fact, with our Commodity Management Solutions (CMS), it’s also a tremendous opportunity to lower label and tags costs and vastly improve operational efficiencies—streamlining and managing the entire process from ordering to inventory management to distribution.

Our CMS technology captures label and tag data to analyze procurement, utilization, consumption and other metrics for organizations of all sizes, from single-site operations to globally distributed enterprises. With our CMS analysis and Corporate Kiosk technologies that offer end-to-end, on-demand e-procurement and inventory management, we help you:

  • Eliminate redundancy and consolidate like items used enterprise-wide
  • Eliminate procurement cost differences between offices, plants and departments
  • Purchase items in large volumes to reduce Purchase Price Variance (PPV)
  • Streamline the procurement process
  • Reduce administrative costs through workflow automation
  • Efficiently manage inventory, warehousing items at Superior facilities for on-demand ordering, fulfillment and distribution
  • Control spend with on-demand inventory, procurement, and spend reporting

Custom Industry Labels

Our complete, custom label solutions include specialty labels and tags for a broad range of applications to help you efficiently manage and control operations throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, shipping and sales processes.

Warehouse Labels

Warehouse, distribution and shipping labels including barcode labels provide efficient product and inventory management, control, location, movement and tracking across the entire supply chain.

  • Warehouse and Distribution Inventory Labels
  • Location Labels including Rack, Floor and Dock Door Labels
  • Tote Labels
  • Receiving Labels
  • Pallet Labels
  • Drum Labels
  • Pick & Pack and Pick & Ship Labels

Shipping and Logistics Labels

Freight, shipping and logistics labels including barcode labels to improve speed, accuracy and tracking of in transit freight from shipment to delivery.

  • Freight Pro Labels
  • 2D Pro Labels
  • Dock Door Location Identification

Food Industry Labels

Food industry labels including food safety and Produce Traceability Initiative for tracking food products through the entire supply chain from source to retailers’ shelves.

  • Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)
  • PTI Labels: Field and/or Shed Pack
  • Bin Tags & Labels
  • Pallet Labels
  • Item Level Traceability Labels
  • Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) Labels

Agricultural Industry Labels

Agricultural industry labels to support both filed pack and plant packing processes including RFID and barcode technology.

  • RFID Bin Inventory Control and Tracking
  • Branding RPCs with Display Ready Labels (DRLs) or Display Ready Tags (DRTs)
  • Wood Crate Labels
  • Packer Barcode Tags and Labels
  • Labeling Wax Sided and/or UV Coated Cartons
  • Dock Door / Floor Labels
  • RFID Compliance Labels

Medical Labels

Healthcare labeling solutions including barcode and label/form documents for hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories and medical offices.

  • Test Tube Labels
  • Vial Labels
  • Blood Test Labels
  • Drug Test Labels
  • Slide Labels
  • Patient Charge Labels
  • Dual Web Prescription & Requisition Sets

Automotive Labels

Labels designed to meet the automotive industry standards for manufacturing, assembly, shipping and final product applications.

  • Component Labeling
  • Asset Tracking
  • Work-In-Process
  • Automated Routing
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping and Compliance
  • Vehicle Labeling
    • Interiors
    • Under-hood
    • Vehicle Safety