QR Codes

qrcode_www.inkonit.comQR Codes (Quick Response) provides an extraordinary tool to integrate into marketing strategies we develop to help our clients engage prospects and customers through SmartPhone mobile applications. Sometimes called “Clickable Print”, we incorporate quick response codes (QR codes)  and other types of augmented reality applications into print and other offline marketing communications materials. With our QR Code solutions, you move prospects and customers from offline to online content via iPhone, Blackberry and other SmartPhone mobile devices. By making print interactive with QR codes, you have true cross-media interactivity, enabling quick and easy movement from the print world to the online world to launch a more powerful, engaging customer experience.

QR codes are high-density two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that can be placed in print and electronic marketing materials and read by QR reader apps in iPhone and SmartPhone mobile devices. Users simply point and click using the camera on their mobile phones to capture the QR code in print, direct mail, brochures, ads, billboards, banners, signs, table top displays even of broadcast and web pages. The QR reader app then takes the user to a truly dynamic web environment that we have designed to learn what the user is interested in and personalize the pages and follow up messages from the data entered into the SmartPhone. From print and other offline marketing materials, you are able to send users online. Grow relationships integrating one-to-one variable print, email marketing, personalized urls, microsites and other solutions into your marketing strategies to personalize content with customized, relevant content specific to prospect’s and customer’s interests and needs.

Imagine the possibilities when you integrate “clickable print” mobile apps, QR codes, social media and variable content capabilities

  • Quickly and easily move users from offline content to online content
  • Create a more powerful, engaging, interactive experience
  • Increase response rates and capture more qualified leads
  • Capture measurable metrics for you marketing, advertising, promotion, and social media campaigns

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